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Unique Features        is a sugar daddy dating site founded in 2004. Like all other sugar daddy sites, the goal is to find co-existence and symbiosis for the great single men and the seductive female.

How does it work?

First, to become a member of, you need to sign up, and like any other dating site, the good news is that it only takes about 15 minutes to approve a new member. This is to ensure that the configuration files and images are standard. Like other sites, it asks you to fill in basic information, such as location, income and what you want.

The only difference is not matching Shared interests or behaviors, but matching places.

Member of the plan

Each new user has a 3-day free trial period. It's entirely up to you to continue using it after the trial period. Of course, if you choose to continue, then you will have to pay.

Silver Membership: $19.95 per month.

Gold Membership: $24.95 per month.



The site ensures that members have a wide selection of gift pools. Gifts include luxury items, gifts, and spa trips. This leaves members with no idea how to express themselves or how to take the first step in impressing each other. This function works with a weekend planner, another feature available on the site. You can plan dates because you know who has free dates and gifts to give.

See who's online

You can see online and close to your members. This is a very important feature because you don't have to worry about delays in sending messages. The find option enhances this by allowing users to see the details of another person and send them unlimited messages. The audio and video chat rooms provided allow those who find themselves interested in each other to continue to communicate easily while simultaneously online.


Not everyone is legal, or you may want to cut ties if they don't meet your requirements. To prevent continuous communication between them, you can lock them.24/7 customer support service to provide the required services for members. The site does not allow any members to view your photos near you once you upload them, which is possible by limiting the number of viewers in addition to the master profile, where information can be shared to third parties.

Final Verdict

Here, men and women who are financially stable can find single men and women younger than themselves, and establish mutually beneficial relationships. Two people together do not quarrel because of the economic problem, just need to enjoy life and share happiness.

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